Little bit of Weta history

Weta needs little introduction, so it won’t get one here. This showreel, as presented somewhat apologetically by Weta’s Richard Taylor as the opening keynote speaker at AnimfxNZ in Wellington, is a time-capsule of where the movie-magic meisters were “about two and a half years ago”. Strict secrecy surrounds projects which are not yet released—the film version of Maurice Gee’s Kiwi story Under The Mountain, the paradigm-shifting Avatar by James Cameron to name two, but such is the nature of large commercial deals. Enjoy this Weta retrospective.

Extra note on Avatar—it will be released in 256 different formats, according to Jeff Okun who is a presenter at AnimfxNZ. These different versions are for different platforms, as well as different languages and different details for specific markets. A bit like a live performance, you may never get to see exactly the same show twice ! The future of film is more different than ever before.