Just don’t

Everyone has a story or two about the office blowhard—the procrastinator, the over-promiser, the empire-builder and the meetings specialist. The Devonport, Auckland-based The Department of Doing has met so many that they’ve created a book to share their discoveries.

So why would a Department of Doing create a book about do-nothings? So the rest of us can recognise their tricks, of course. The book—a 62-page booklet, really—probably introduces a few workplace worries that you haven’t met yet. Hopefully you won’t recognise yourself. I’ve learned a few hints, and I promise in the future to do a lot more ‘going back to first principles’. If you don’t know what that means, you need this book.

How Not To Do Things

It’s all a chuckle, of course, and a reminder that when it comes to getting things done we’re often our own worst enemies. The Get Your War On-style clip art and a few nicely subversive charts strengthen the message. I’d like to have witnessed the meeting where the pie chart about meetings was presented.

It’s a quick read and will likely confirm your suspicion of all sorts of time-wasting stunts in the workplace. But this book comes with a bonus: gift it to a workplace colleague and let them spend the rest of the year wondering if it was intended as carefree amusement or carefully-crafted insult. That’ll keep them from doing anything.