Wordcamp Wellington…

This coming weekend sees Wellington hosting the New Zealand round of WordCamp. WordCamp is a conference that focuses on the intricacies of WordPress – one of the most popular blogging platforms on the web.

In something of a coup, admittedly appreciated mainly among those breathing the rarefied air of blogging, Matt Wullenweg, creator of WordPress, will be in attendance at the event. In the video below, Matt explains how Wordcamp events bring the WordPress community together all around the world on the same model as the software itself.

WordCamp is occurring at that most august of venues, the Mt. Victoria Bowling Club – if you’re in Wellington, interested in either blogging or open source software (or perhaps even both) then come along and enjoy some like minded souls. I’ll be covering the event and, to be honest, the thought of blogging an event about blogging makes my mind contort a little!