X Media Lab day 1 - Summary

The X Media Lab's Keynote Conference in Auckland set the tone for the rest of the weekend, bringing high energy and challenging ideas to the fore.

Intended as both a standalone conference, and also a scene-setter for the mentoring to come for lab participants, the keynotes emphasised what the X in X Media stands for -

  • cross-platform (speakers came from the gaming, publishing, entertainment, interactive, social media and traditional media worlds)
  • cross-disciplinary (we have entrepreneurs, publishers, journalists, venture capitalists, and more..)
  • and perhaps the most intriguing—cross-cultural. Several presentations (including Parmesh Shahani's) spoke of the importance of combining complementary strengths across nations. 

Some key thoughts ...

  • Media is converging, and we all need to be multilingual. Filmmakers need to learn to think like developers, and vice versa, and they both need to learn to think like entrepreneurs.
  • Venture capitalists can be bad for your business -and this even from Tim Chang, who's a VC. His sage advice - don't chase VCs, set yourself up so they chase you. (Not easy, but not impossible either)