What a weekend! X | Media | Lab wraps up for 2009

It's starting to rain, a rare occurence this past weekend when Auckland turned on a fantastically sunny (but cold) experience for our international visitors.

The conference room at the Hilton is still buzzing with the ideas, questions and insights of the very last session of mentoring. People are tired, full to the brim with ideas, yet their energy is not abated.

We've had 17 projects - the number chosen to match the 17 available mentors - coming from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Palmerston North and - of course - Tutukaka.

Because the X in X-Media Lab stands for Cross- as in cross-disciplinary, it's a hard ask to categorise the industry of many of the projects. But let's give it a crack, shall we?

Gaming and film/tv are leading the way (and often combining), followed by interface design (think touch screens), online social networking (surprisingly few entrants in that area!), and online education is well-represented too.

Expect to see some of these businesses in the pages of Idealog in the near future. Some already-promising candidates, liked by the mentors, include Dunedin-based game/film/interface company Areograph, Christchurch-based children's virtual world Minimonos, and Tutukaka's own Brightmind Labs, producing some outstanding educational games for autistic children.