Welcome to Webstock: it's begun!

Well here we are in the vibrant, creative and seemingly totally web-enabled city of Wellington (disclosure—I’m a Wellington boy borne and bred). Around 600 people have jetted in from all around the world to take part in what is quickly getting a name as one of the coolest conferences bar-none (heck even the free schwag is a better class than what seasoned conference goers are used to).

Given that this is a web conference you can be sure that the event is being tracked left right and centreother than reading about it here you can see the latest images on Flickr, or follow the events nanosecond by nanosecond on the communication channel de jour, Twitter, by using this real-time search.

We’re sitting in the palatial and somewhat historic Wellington town hall and the air is full of anticipationco-founder of Webstock Mike Brown took the stage following a 50s themed opening credit video to welcome attendees and open the proceedings ably supported by a sign language interpreter at his sideyet another indication that Webstock is, in fact, different from the norm.