Touch me day and night

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Kiwi company is taking novel US and European technology and blending it with their own, to allow shops to have a 24-hour presence here. The system works by placing a unique LCD film over the store window that can be hooked up to a projector and laptop. The screen is activated by touch, allowing shoppers to navigate through the shop’s website browser, even when the shop is closed.

“This has huge potential, particularly in the real estate and banking industry,” says co-director Frank Maes. “Currently you’d have to use a television screen and make changes to a DVD or Powerpoint. This system means you can just update your website as normal.” Maes, along with business partner David Blackburn say the screens have the potential to pay for themselves via advertising revenue. “They also reduce the risk of theft. There’s no expensive screen involved. You’d be able to wrap your lunch with this film.”