Heather Champ: shepherding passionate communities

Heather Champ is the director of community at Flickr, seeing it grow to 24 million members sharing 2.8 billions photos and videos with 3 billion page views per month.

Heather started off warning the audience that she would swear during her presentation, consider yourselves warned by extension!

Heather loves that Flickr allows users to see what is happening in the world – she used the example of the Boxing Day Tsunami, the London Bombings of 7/7, the birth of one of the founders fourth child and the death of the family member of the Flickr community.

Some rules for managing communities;

  1. Respect your members
  2. Put more tools into the hands of your members
  3. Don’t wait (when making change)
  4. Feedback has a lifecycle
  5. Own your failure
  6. Make lemonade – make up for “bads ‘n fails”
  7. Embrace the chaos