Wellywood animation magic

Three days of the best digital animation effects activity will be taking place in Wellington this weekend.  The AnimfxNZ Conference is a gathering of the brightest and best of the new generation animators.  Talented whizz-kids and established effects masters from across the world will be sharing space together.  They'll boldly go to new levels of 'convergence' - where gaming meets movies - which is where things are headed for digital animation.

Check out this little YouTube video I just made of Fastscan in action.

This is a handheld lazer surface scanner, invented here in NZ.  The creators are at AnimfxNZ, in WLG.  It has multiple applications,including medical/surgical as well as graphically for games and movies.  Models of trolls  in The Lord Of The Rings movies were scanned with this, so the technology is well proven. And very cool.