About 'The Boy And The Sea'

On a rooftop terrace overlooking the Portobello Road in London, earlier this week I interviewed Kirsty Gunn.  Kirsty is the Professor of Creative Writing at Dundee University in Scotland, and is an award-winning novelist.

Her early novel 'Rain' was made into a movie, which will be more familiar I expect, than her latest triumph called 'The Boy and The Sea'.  It won the Scottish Arts Council Book of the Year 2007.  Curiously, it was not entered into the Montana Book Awards in NZ, but there you go.......

More than just a great surfer story, it is a short novella which is about rites of passage to manhood.  I reckon it's gonna make a great movie, in the right hands.

In the attached sound file, Kirsty talks about the NZ-ness behind this book, her inspirations and the squidge of black sand between her toes.