So that's how they did it

Today the Herald published the sixth and last of Rod Drury’s great series of articles on how to launch a business. If you want to scratch that particular itch, this series sketches out the path from which ideas not to run with, to how to sell your awesome company without upsetting your family. This is more than a public-service effort from Rod—I hope he can deal with the influx of business ideas that must now be coming his way.

Just as interesting is Will it fly? How to evaluate a new product idea, a blog entry by Evan Williams, who has founded a string of successful web startups like Blogger (bought by Google) and Twitter. It’s fairly web-centic but still a useful string of tests, from tractability to monetisation. (Money … ahem … quote: “I’m generally a believer that if you create value, you can figure out the business. However, all things being equal, an idea with clear buck-making potential is better than one without.” Amen.)