Go the Goobers

Let's Get Inventin'

Today’s the day for Television Spaceman: Let’s Get Inventin’, the production company’s new show that actually builds the invention that kids dream up, starts on TV2. We had a sneak peak at some of the great ideas that the youngsters have come up with but what really makes the programme is its full-steam, kick-out-the-stops, Back of the Y meets Monster Garage production. It’s really entertaining and everyone seems to be having a ball. Kids will love it but many adults will get just as big a kick.

It’s the brainchild of Luke Nola and Neil Stichbury of Television Spaceman, and grew out of The Goober Brothers, their show about madcap inventions. They have an enlightened approach to IP: Let’s Get Inventin’ inventors keep the rights to their inventions, and Television Spaceman is busy marketing the show format to overseas production houses and broadcasters. The young winner of the series even gets a patent application as part of the top prize—how cool is that?

Check it out on TV2, Sundays at 5pm.