We're all going to Webstock

Joel Spolsky is an IT entrepreneur and a writer who's adept at explaining things in terms non-experts can easily understand.  His books and website are packed with interesting examples of the care and attention to detail that makes a good product great, in software or anything else. He's also got some great tips for startup companies.

I mention this because Spolsky is just one of an amazing panel of speakers lined up for the Webstock conference in Wellington in May. Web luminaries such as Dori Smith, Joe Clark and our own Ben Goodger (of Firefox fame) are joined by locals including writer and editor Rachel McAlpine, Andreas Girardet, who made his own Linux distribution, blogger and Idealog contributing editor Russell Brown, and Trade Me development head Rowan Simpson. In all, Webstock boasts 15 world-class speakers. Should be quite an event, and not just for IT boffins—anybody who has an interest in words and design should find plenty to interest them. Congratulations to Webstock's organisers.