Reality check: Wrestler's VR/AR World Tour

Seeing the future

Reality check: Wrestler's VR/AR World Tour

The co-founders of Wellington production company Wrestler recently travelled around the real world to look at the future of the virtual world. And over the next few weeks they'll share what they've learned. Ben Forman creates the establishing shot.

Microsoft Build 2017

Virtual reality and augmented reality have been hot topics for a while now, but where are the world's biggest tech companies envisioning it going? And how can companies make the most of this futuristic technology? Speaking at Microsoft’s Build event, Microsoft Hololens creator Alex Kipman discussed the company’s ideas around a mixed reality future.

Virtual reality realities

Staples VR's Aliesha Staples won the Xero Hi-Tech Young Achiever Award at the 2017 Hi-Tech Awards. To celebrate her win, we're republishing this story about a project her company has been involved with.