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Innovators are often guilty of searching for solutions before identifying problems; of finding gaps in the market, without being sure if there’s a market in the gap. But, as Ben Fahy discovers, Air New Zealand can’t be accused of that and, in many cases, its clever use of technology is providing answers to a range of customer concerns, some voiced, some not.

Hear ye hear ye

Each year Greg Shanahan and his Technology Investment Network publish the TIN100 Report, charting the performance of the New Zealand technology sector over the previous financial year. Here, he delivers Idealog's inaugural State of the Sector address, slaughtering some sacred clichés along the way.

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A dollar saved is a dollar earned. And, if you abide by that logic, Hellers and ANZCO are two companies that are earning plenty more after investing in innovative new energy efficient technologies.


After decades of disappointed expectations, virtual reality has, if the wave of hardware options and burgeoning content libraries is anything to go by, finally entered the mainstream. But, as we march into the brave new world of VR, those same old questions remain: what consumer applications are actually available right now? How much is going to cost? And, will VR ever really live up to the hype?