Contact lenses that measure glucose levels, Uber taxi booking; why can't afford to take your eyes off disruptive technologies

Image owned by Google
What? Contact lenses that have microprocessors that can measure glucose levels?

Yes, a couple of Google scientists are trying to develop revolutionary contact lens that would monitor glucose levels through your tears.

This disruptive technology, still under development, relies on  microprocessors, sensor and antenna, built into a contact len. The scientists also plan to use miniaturised LED lights would help alert users when the glucose levels fly out of the thresholds.

Another example of disruptive technology is Uber, an app for booking taxis which has completely disrupted the comfortable space that traditional taxi companies have been monopolising.

In the video below, Matt Adams Patner at AJ Park and Frazer Scott, Microsoft’s chief marketing and operations officer, talks to Idealog about how your business can be obsolete if you are not ready for disruptive technologies.

Scott says Uber is a fine example of how a secure and comfortable traditional business was completely disrupted.

If you aren’t thinking about the potential damage of disruptive technologies on your business, you absolutely should be, Scott says.