Laptops for children programme comes to NZ

Laptops for children programme comes to NZ

Kiwi Barry Vercoe, emeritus professor of media arts and sciences at US institute MIT, is launching the One Laptop Per Child programme in New Zealand.

Vercoe is an international partner of the charitable trust and co-founded it in Australia. He earned a doctorate in the US before becoming a founding member of MIT's Media Lab in the 1970s.

The not for profit organisation puts low cost,low power, rugged 'XO' laptops in the hands of children globally.

In New Zealand they'll be programmed in Maori and English, and Vercoe aims to bring 5000 units to New Zealand schools in the next year.

Vercoe is on the hunt for commercial partnerships to help schools fund the open source laptops, which cost $225.

More than 2.4 million children and teachers globally have the laptops.