Samsung takes early stride in smartwatch race

Samsung takes early stride in smartwatch race

Samsung Mobile launched the much-anticipated Galaxy Gear smartwatch at its 'Unpacked' event in Berlin overnight, beating rivals set to enter that part of the wearable tech market soon.

The other products launched were the Galaxy Note 3 and 10.1 2014 Edition.

We don't know when the Galaxy Gear will hit Kiwi shores, although Samsung says the global release will start from 25 September.

With a 1.63 inch screen and weighing 73.8g, these watches aren't delicate for the ladies, but they come in all colours of the rainbow.

You can swipe and touch your way around the device to navigate the menu and the battery life is an impressive 25 hours.

It's designed to work with the new Note devices via Bluetooth, so you can use it to answer calls, with or without speaker phone,
and display messages. There's also a camera in the strap to take still and moving images.

Samsung will have dedicated apps and an app store for the Galaxy gear.

The US price tag is $299.