Carnage! Reckless driving game wins yolo-themed jam

Carnage! Reckless driving game wins yolo-themed jam

Dominik Schmid's computer game Yolo Road Trip might undo all our transport agency's Safe Teen Drivercampaign's good work, but he reckons it's also on road safety's side.

Schmid - a computer science student at Victoria University - was the leader of Team Parallax, winners of the third annual Pixel Jam competition held this year at the Biz Dojo in Wellington.

The PC game rewards teens with points for risky driving and close calls, but that's only until you crash and die. There's also an upgrade that makes your screen appear to blur and shake if you crash.

The team is also developing a web version. The contest's theme was Yolo (you only live once) so teams of between one and four members had to create games knowing the characters had a limited lifespan, says co-organiser Richard Roberts.

He says participant numbers have doubled since the first competition, reaching 63 this year. The main judges were Minomonos' Jonathan Brown, Camilla Koutsos from Pik Pok and Fiona O'Kane from NZ Gamer.