Are you happy with your telco provider?

Are you happy with your telco provider?

A major industry-wide study is asking New Zealanders how well they are being served by telecommunication companies.

“This is the first time such a candid study of telecommunications companies has been undertaken in New Zealand” explains CTMA’s study director Paul Linnell.  “It’s openly asking customers about any problems they’ve experienced, what they feel their phone and Internet companies do well, and how they think they could improve.”

The online study consists of two separate questionnaires asking customers to give feedback about their mobile phone and mobile Internet services, and their home phone and broadband services.  Each should only take about ten minutes to complete.

“Participating telecommunications providers know these services can have a significant impact on customers, and they need to hear what’s gone well and what’s gone wrong so they can focus their attention on what to fix” explains Linnell.

The online questionnaires are available at

All responses are confidential and customers will not be asked for any personally identifiable information.