ANZ corporate customers on Android get their own app too

ANZ corporate customers on Android get their own app too

After a first corporate mobile app for iOS in 2012, ANZ has now launched Transactive for Android, a mobile app for the bank’s corporate customers.

The bank, which was the first in the country to develop a corporate mobile banking solution, released the Android version of the application this month. Transactive is available for free on the Australian and New Zealand app stores for both iOS and Android.

The corporate app allows customers to log on with their existing Transactive credentials, check real time account balances, view current and prior day transactions, approve and reject payments, as well as securely release payments and accept dynamic FX rates with a pin pad security token.

Using the mobile application, customers can complete a number of different transactions as well as approve and release payments, including international, RTGS and batch payments. They can also view up to 200 current day transactions and 200 prior days transactions and link their smartphone contacts for quick dial features.

The app is a complement to the bank’s web-based cash management platform with the same name. ANZ says it has worked closely with customers over the last five years to develop the platform.