Creative HQ gets new chief

Wellington-based incubator Creative HQ has brought on board entrepreneur and investor Stefan Korn to lead its startup mission. 

He takes over from acting chief executive Tui Te Hau, who'll be returning to her programme manager role within the organisation.

Korn cut his teeth in the technology scene as a developer for Oracle and HP during the '90s. More recently he's founded the WebFund incubator and worked with several New Zealand startups. He's also a founding investor in Lightning Lab.

He says he's arriving at Creative HQ during a moment of incredible interest and energy inside of New Zealand's startup sector.

“Over the last decade the team at Creative HQ have built a strong foundation for successfully incubating and accelerating Kiwi startups. We are now at a tipping point with the startup community and ecosystem that allows us to attract more overseas investment and bring in global experts to further strengthen the skills transfer and mentoring for our local entrepreneurs,” says Korn.

Korn will continue his directorships of WebFund-invested companies.