Twitter announces new video app: Vine

Twitter announces new video app: Vine

A day after Twitter CEO Dick Costolo's delicious video tweet about steak tartare, Twitter has officially announced its new video sharing app, Vine.

Twitter purchased Vine last October, which fuelling speculation the microblogging service was building a platform based around short video segments.

Vine users create six-second video loops, which can then be shared on the stand alone social network, inline in Twitter feeds, or Facebook.

The Vine app (available for free in the Apple App Store) is easy enough to use. Loops and cutaways are taken care of by the software, the user just chooses what to record and how long to record it for, by keeping their finger tapped on the screen.

As yet, there aren't any Instagram-style filters, or further customisation options.

Towards the end of last year, Twitter dropped support for popular imaging service Instagram, and created its own filters.