Taking a peek into the world of Vine

A lot has been said about Twitter's new micro-video service Vine, which launched last week. It's been called a Instagram-esque clone, a gif wannabe, or just hated in general by cinematographers taught to despise jump cuts from an early age. But a little web project called Vinepeek could change the minds of many detractors.

Similar to This is now! for Instagram, Vinepeek shows a live feed of Vine clips from around the world; six-second slices of magic being created on the app by all sorts of users.

In a minute session I found myself watching a lego man unbox an iPhone, cups magically filling themselves, and (this being the internet) several clips of cats rolling their eyes at silly humans. Sure there are a lot of crappy clips of people drinking coffee at their local cafes - but in between, you'll find entertaining and innovative uses of the platform's six-second time limit.

The feed is completely unmoderated, and following recent controversy of pornography on Vine - it would do well to approach this site with caution if you're at work.