Review: Trials Evolution for Xbox

review trials evolution xbox

In a nutshell… Hop on your bike and ride.  A simple concept awesomely executed.

Gameplay is… addictive, frustrating. Trials Evolution is basically a physics-based game, the sequel to Trials. On your quest to become the greatest biker ever, you navigate all manner of tracks, hurdles, jumps and obstacles ranging from exploding cars to floating rigs. Even as the levels grow more complicated (riding in the skies) it holds its own.

The best part… along with multiplayer mode, Trials Evolution takes it a step further and enables you to create your own tracks. Browse the online content section for a more or less endless supply of new challenges. Add to that the fact that this game is tough to finish in its entirety and there’s practically no end to gameplay.

Buy it for… the manchild in your life. There are a lot of games directed solely at either hardcore gamers or amateurs. Trials Evolution caters for both. The easy levels are cruisy, while the more difficult ones will have you tackling them time after time after time. I’ll be playing this one for some time to come.