Domain rush dominated by .Google and .Amazon

Domain rush dominated by .Google and .Amazon

 New domains including .app, .blog, .cloud, foo, .lol, .mail and .sucks could soon be part of the fabric of the internet.

Today, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the governing body of the domain name system, opened up about the nearly 2,000 applications it received for new domain extensions.

It follows on from ICANN deciding to allow anyone (anyone with the cash, that is) apply for the rights to own and operate any generic top-level domains (gTLDs). That means addresses that end not just in a .com or but anything from .google to .apple – both of which have been applied for by the respective companies.

On that list are 1,409 unique domain names; Google was one of the largest submitters, putting in 101 applications for domains including .google, .android, .chrome, .gmail, and .youtube. Google domain landgrab

Amazon filed 76 applications, among them .amazon, .buy and .cloud. 

Microsoft is gunning for the likes of .microsoft, .bing, .hotmail and .office, while Apple is only after one: .apple. 

The most sought-after domain seems to be .app, which 13 separate companies applied for, including Google and Amazon.

That doesn't mean all of the domains applied for will be awarded, though. There's a review process to go through before any can be approved, including checks on whether they clash with other trademarks or are too similar to other existing domains.