Cloud computing code sees the light of day

Cloud computing code sees the light of day

Six months in the making, the CloudCode emerged fully formed at the Cloud Computing Summit in Auckland this week and could spawn similar initiatives around the world.

The New Zealand cloud computing code of practice was developed following calls from a number of cloud providers for a framework of voluntary self-regulated disclosures and minimum standards.

CloudCode coordinator Joy Cottle said the hope was to remove obfuscation and users better understand various cloud offerings. 

“New Zealand is one of the first countries to develop such a code and there is now significant global interest in adopting the Code as an international project," Cottle said.

The CloudCode was developed as an industry initiative by the New Zealand Computer Society (NZCS) and more than 250 individuals and companies contributed to it.

NZCS chief executive Paul Matthews said the plan was for the CloudCode Register to start taking registrations from cloud providers in August following release of the full guidelines and complaints procedure.

The CloudCode can be downloaded at