App of the week: Part

Mea Mobile - Part

MEA Mobile's app Part is bringing pixels back.

Ever felt that high-def photos of you are just a tad too revealing? The new Part app from MEA Mobile reduces those gazillion pixels to a more flattering few and lets you play with your inner cubist too.

Use your phone to take a picture, or choose one from your gallery, then tap or swipe the screen to reduce large circles or squares into smaller and smaller dots. Depending on how fine you go, you’ll end up with a pixel-style image or a more abstract block colour pattern.

The interface of this app is particularly sleek and simple with snappy little corner menus that have a pleasing design and could be navigated by a toddler.

This app follows on from a long line of impressive light, sound, and colour apps produced by MEA Mobile – the ones behind an app used in New York’s Times Square last year, allowing passers-by to have real-time control of a giant colour display.

Part will no doubt be a hit with Minecraft players or those obsessed with turning their world (and Facebook profile) into a 16-bit paradise. Part is available now for NZ$1.29 (US$0.99) on the App Store.

Elise Sterback is from co-working and innovation space The BizDojo