Social location won't fly with the average Joe

Are social location apps the next big thing? ReadWriteWeb's Dan Rowinski isn't convinced.

I am calling shenanigans on this year's SXSW fad.

The microclimate that is SXSW and San Francisco often creates hype for services that, ultimately, no one is going to really care about. Foursquare and Twitter did well at SXSW in their growth phases but those companies may prove to be the exception instead of the rule. The crop this year includes several "ambient social location" apps that are likely destined for obscurity when the time comes that normal users are supposed to adopt.

If you have been following the hype circles, we are talking about apps like Highlight, Glancee, Banjo and Sonar. These apps show users people that are around them using the apps and what their interests are. They use location running in the background as well as tying to social profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. From a mass consumer prospective, location sharing has been the most fickle area of user adoption.

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