Grassroots movement looks to take on TradeMe

Has TradeMe become just another corporate cog? Kiwis frustrated with the site's rising fees, among other things, are taking to an open Facebook group named What's Wrong with Trademe?! to voice their anger.

It's backed by local website development company Minion Interactive, which plans to design, build and promote a local alternative to TradeMe.

Minion Interactive's Stuart Taoro-Ah Sin says anger and resentment towards the auction site giant runs deep, particularly among people who have bad experiences in the past.

“I was surprised by the level of frustration expressed in these messages,” Taoro-Ah Sin said. “The need for a decent alternative is a lot higher than most people realise.”

But with TradeMe members numbering in the millions, Minion Interactive has a long way to go to knock New Zealand's second most popular website off its perch – others, like, have tried and failed to make a dent.