Dipton's going digital. Let's help 'em get there

Dipton's going digital. Let's help 'em get there

Dipton. Heard of it?

It's not a brand of tea – that's Lipton.

But if it does ring a bell, it might be because of Bill English. He's from Dipton, a small town somewhere in the back blocks of Southland.

Dipton's got a main street. This much we can tell from street view on Google Maps. There are a few buildings, too, but they are of an indiscernible purpose.

According to 2006 Census figures, the wider Dipton area is home to about 2700 people.

It didn't say how many internet connections there were, though.

But they must have internet.

Dipton's launching a community website – and they want locals to get back to them with ideas about how to do it: what they'd find useful, interesting, amusing.

We here at Idealog Towers in Auckland want to take the people of Dipton under our wing. We want to help them in their endeavour in any way possible. We know we are blessed to have high speed broadband internet, buses that are always late and humid summer rains.

Spread the word. Go to Facebook it. Tweet it. Offer your help and expertise. Together, we can build a brighter tech-savvy future for the people of Dipton.