Peter Thiel's new venture: Free-floating corporate sovereign nations

Peter Thiel's latest venture takes him out to sea, as Details magazine's profile of the American entrepreneur explains.

"Big ideas start as weird ideas."

Indeed, and Patri Friedman's particular idea involves establishing new sovereign nations built on oil-rig-type platforms in international waters free from the laws and regulations of countries.

"The ultimate goal," Friedman told Details magazine, "is to open a frontier for experimenting with new ideas for government."

One potential model, he says, is an Appletopia: a corporation, such as Apple, could start a country as a business. "The more desirable the country, the more valuable the real estate."

It's a concept A-list investor Peter Thiel, of Facebook and Paypal, is putting his weight behind – Thiel has seeded Friedman with the same initial sum he gave Mark Zuckerberg.

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