Band + Instagram + fans = music video

Band + Instagram + fans = music video

Reduce costs, engage fans. It's a win-win proposition, as crowdsourcing often is.

In this case, it seems it might also be the first instance of a band using Instagram to help create a music video.

The band is British group The Vaccines, and its upcoming video for Wetsuit will feature images shot by fans using the photo-sharing app.

With 5 million-odd users, Instagram offers plenty of opportunities to reach the young and hip. (But it's not a case of brand discrimination; the iPhone-less can simply email shots to

To capture the essence of summer, the Vaccines are calling for photos of concerts, tents, mud, fields and the like; whatever conveys that inimitable feel of a summer music festival.

As long as fans follow the instructions and tag their pictures with #vaccinesvideo, their work may well make it into the final cut.