Wrestler's AR/VR World Tour, part 4: New York

Wrestler's VR/AR World Tour

Wrestler's AR/VR World Tour, part 4: New York

The co-founders of Wellington production company Wrestler recently travelled around the real world to look at the future of the virtual world. In part four of the series, Ben Forman recounts his time in the Big Apple.

Microsoft Build 2017

As part of my experience of getting fully immersed in nerd culture, I, along with other media, (aka people at a similar level of incompetence with advanced technology) was invited for a session at Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Academy in Seattle, Washington. This is what went down.

Virtual reality realities

Staples VR's Aliesha Staples won the Xero Hi-Tech Young Achiever Award at the 2017 Hi-Tech Awards. To celebrate her win, we're republishing this story about a project her company has been involved with.