Why a change is better than a rest


Why a change is better than a rest

When it comes to getting re-energised, a holiday is better than a rest - at least as Vend founder and chief product officer Vaughan Rowsell tells it. And given his recent escapades, he would know.

As a country, we’ve done pretty well out of this cloud computing thing. With business-to-business startups like Xero and Vend leading the way, and others growing below the radar, Kiwis have blasted through the old geographical barriers and reached global audiences to the tune of around half a billion export dollars annually.

Tech entrepreneur Vaughan Rowsell (the guy with the memorable moustache) will this weekend launch his latest venture – a series of high-tech workshops for kids, particularly from low-income families. It’s a project inspired by his mother, a wheelchair-bound single parent on a benefit who, in the 1980s, mortgaged her house to buy her children the latest computer gadgetry.