Facebook on your face: Social media marketing and where modern-day tech is taking it next

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Facebook on your face: Social media marketing and where modern-day tech is taking it next

Setting out to raise the social media literacy of New Zealand businesses is a bold task to embark on, but social media specialist agency Mosh thought it could teach companies a thing or two about the online realm. Managing director Jeremy Marks breaks down the state of the New Zealand business social media scene, as well as the direction technology is taking this form of marketing in in the future.

Most Creative People

Parrot Analytics operations manager Dil Khosa was one of the People's Choice winners for the digital category in Idealog and Accenture's Most Creative People. She aims to change the way television and entertainment is measured, has a wide variety of skills and that means she’s been involved in pretty much everything across the fast-growing company. A voice for the importance of data, she boldly says: “The sexy job in the next ten years will be statisticians.” Here, she discusses creativity, innovation and taking risks.

Machines and music

Spotify has revolutionised the access consumers have to music through its technology, but behind the machine, there’s humans like Spotify Australia and New Zealand senior music editor Alicia Sbrugnera helping craft playlists to people’s different wants and needs. We went behind the interface and spoke to her about how this algorithm and playlist curation business really works.

Smooth sailing

Automated boat loading company Balex went into liquidation earlier this year, but two Kiwi expat businessmen, Daniel Given and Reon Oak, have come to the rescue. They've relaunched the brand and are rolling out plans to take it global, solving common pain points felt with loading and unloading boats into the water through technology.

Hacking to save the world

Tents in offices. Pizza boxes piled as high as a person. Enough energy drinks to drown an elephant. And enough bright people working on making the world a better place through technology to lift the spirits of even the most hard-hearted. Sounds like the latest edition of Datacomp.

Technology Month, brought to you by Springload

As part of Idealog's Technology Month, we've picked the brains of some of the movers and shakers in the industry to find out their favourite tech-related things, their biggest fears for the future and what other companies and individuals inspire their work. Here's AccountingPod's Judith Cambridge.