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Get ready

Its long has been the domain of science fiction, but artificial intelligence has arrived. Kirsten Patterson, chief executive of the Institute of Directors, talks about the implications for government and business.

Deutsch lernen

Medium-sized companies are the backbone of Germany’s economic success. "Mittelstand" companies – which means "middle group" and refers to the mid-market sized enterprises as well as a certain mindset about business – have a lot in common with New Zealand’s medium enterprise sector and, as such, there’s a lot we can learn from the Mittelstand way of doing business.

A great merge beckons

In September, PHD worldwide strategy and planning director Mark Holden spoke about impending conflation of tech and humanity. He argues that we are already well along this path but says things will become really interesting over the next two decades. What follows is a short excerpt from Merge, a book co-written by Holden and a number of other contributors across the PHD network.

Aiming high

It wasn’t long ago that a listing in the Yellow Pages was such an imperative form of advertising that businesses would adjust their names just to get an alphabetical advantage over their competitors. So pervasive was this strategy that a 1992 Chicago Tribune article includes such curiosities as ‘A AAA Aability Secretarial Service’ and the grammatically questionable ‘A Attorney for DMV matters’.