This is cool. The Blind Project helps women who have escaped the sex trade in Southeast Asia by selling t-shirts with designs inspired by survivor stories, and funnels profits back to the women involved. The project is currently calling for submissions for t-shirt designs through their "open-source" Be a biographer initiative

In a Wellington corridor, Nat Torkington laid down a challenge—and sparked a small revolution. Kiwi innovators are using public data to change the ways that politicians, public servants, companies and people communicate.

Nobody believes business anymore. So who’s in control of your brand? It’s all of us. Here’s how the truth has been democratised, distributed and Google-optimised. It’s goodbye to the mass message and welcome to The Conversation.

Until very recently the trade-off between richness and reach with media and communications tools on the internet has seen mixed results but we are very close to some exciting breakthroughs. This means news is old when it gets through the media process as savvy consumers have already engaged to some extent in a myriad of ways (mostly online) and this alters the secondary ripples and impacts as well.