Aiming high

It wasn’t long ago that a listing in the Yellow Pages was such an imperative form of advertising that businesses would adjust their names just to get an alphabetical advantage over their competitors. So pervasive was this strategy that a 1992 Chicago Tribune article includes such curiosities as ‘A AAA Aability Secretarial Service’ and the grammatically questionable ‘A Attorney for DMV matters’.

Music to robot ears

It’s going to happen: wireless earbuds are destined to replace those annoying cords the vast majority of us are still forced to endure. First World problems? Perhaps. But the New Zealand-designed Dearear has the potential to help change how we listen to things.

Take a look

Auckland’s GridAKL co-working space is expanding – and is welcoming the public to come and celebrate and to check out the future of co-working in the City of Sails.

Gamify my life

The word “gamification” is one of those multi-syllabic terms that gets thrown around a lot these days. Seemingly everything can be turned into a game of some kind – even rehabilitation.