Prepare for the rise of the machines

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Prepare for the rise of the machines

Its long has been the domain of science fiction, but artificial intelligence has arrived. Kirsten Patterson, chief executive of the Institute of Directors, talks about the implications for government and business.

AI for an eye

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, wearables, VR and other emerging technologies hold exciting possibilities for the marketing and insights space. In pondering how to pragmatically pursue these possibilities, we should take a humancentric look at how these technologies (and those not even thought of yet) will be integrated into the everyday lives of the people who buy our products. Rather than utilising technology for technology’s sake, consider how we can tap into new behaviours born of technological adoption to make our business insights more meaningful and authentic.

AI and you

For the techno-optimists, artificial intelligence may well be as close as we get to a super power. But, for the techno-pessimists, the rise of artificial intelligence could be hastening our own demise. So is this burgeoning ‘super power’ a blessing or a curse? Depends who you ask, writes Maya Breen. 

Technology Month, brought to you by Springload

The words Giapo, ice cream and innovation often go hand-in-hand in sentences, as the chef’s passion for furthering his craft is common knowledge. But behind the larger-than-life Italian persona is a man with his eyes fixed firmly on the future technology. We had a chat with the undercover futurist about when AI will come for everyone’s jobs, how humans will soon be able to live forever and why it’s not nuclear bombs we should be worried about.

Technology Month, brought to you by Springload

With the advent of artificial intelligence and more automation than you can shake a stick at, what becomes of the tasks that people perform in their everyday environments? Pead PR technology director Sarah Munnik shares how a chance incident at New Zealand's border control shows how humanity is so much more than the mere processing which computers are so good at.

The future is here

PwC’s Commercialising Innovation Report shows that artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the most advanced of the emerging technologies in New Zealand - and some Kiwi companies are already banking the returns.

Charts charts charts

Callaghan Innovation has launched a new Infographics Series, which it hopes will demystify key technology areas and raise awareness of the opportunities that these technologies are creating.