StopPress Team

Bright ideas

Spark Lab is on a mission to show that it offers more than just events, so it’s pulled in Sir Ray Avery, Dame Rosanne Meo, Dr Michelle Dickinson (aka Nano Girl) and Eat my Lunch co-founder Lisa King for a new campaign to demonstrate the leadership and mentoring that's on offer to businesses that get involved.

Design Month, brought to you by DNA

Technology and fashion are natural bedmates because they both focus on pushing boundaries. For the launch of the new Huawei P10, Pead PR worked closely with clothing company Zambesi to bring these two worlds even closer together by orchestrating an avant-garde fashion show.

Feel the wheels

According to the NZTA, cycling is now the fastest growing mode of transport in several cities across New Zealand. With the help of Clemenger BBDO, OMD and The Sweet Shop, it's released a new campaign to inspire more people to get on two wheels. 

A whopper of an idea

In a ‘Special Event’ Facebook Live video, similar to an Apple announcement, McDonald's has announced a new Chocolate Shamrock shake - and a game-changing straw to match.

Luddites rejoice

According to some guy, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And in a world filled with too much technology, there is a growing desire among some to simplify, switch off and maintain mindfulness.