Sarah Pearce


The spread of fake news online can have far greater impacts than simply shaping public opinion, says professional speaker, business coach, social strategist and author Sarah Pearce.

Human Resources

With more reliance than ever on digital technology, it comes as no surprise that it's an important way to recruit the very best employees for your business. But there's a right, and wrong, way to go about it.

Personality types

With over 2.2 billion people actively using social media, it’s important to be able to identify the type of user you’re speaking to. Knowing potential clients’ personality types is just as important online as it is offline. By understanding user psychology, you will know what makes people tick


Prior to social media, the word “brand” was mainly associated with large companies sporting hefty marketing budgets, shiny logos, and a fancy team of publicists. Few professionals thought to deliberately create their own personas and even fewer considered themselves as business units that could also be branded and strategically marketed.