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Elly Strang

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Elly is Idealog's deputy editor and resident dog enthusiast. She enjoys travelling, tea, good books, and writing about exciting ideas and cool entrepreneurs.

Objectspace, a gallery dedicated to showcasing design and architecture, opens in Auckland

Better by design

Objectspace, a gallery dedicated to showcasing design and architecture, opens in Auckland

New Zealand has galleries a plenty to frequent when it comes to showcasing visual art, but the work of architects and other design disciplines have been underserved ­– until now, with Objectspace. And with national conversations around urban planning and housing a hot topic, its expansion couldn’t be more timely. We chatted with director Kim Paton about her vision for the gallery’s new space.

Tomorrow's leaders

The head of the country’s umbrella tech organisation says it’s boom time for both its organisation and the industry in New Zealand. NZTech now has more than 400 tech companies on board from across the country and has expanded its board, but what else is needed to grow the industry? The government’s recent investment into digital education is a start, says Vend founder and OMGTech! co-founder Vaughan Rowsell.

Little people, big feelings

It’s no secret that Aotearoa has the highest youth suicide rate in the developed world, with initiatives to solve this being hotly debated. Friends and creative minds Jenny Palmer and Evie Kemp hope their new book, Feel a Little, will lay the groundwork early on teaching the younger generation it’s okay to feel and speak up about their emotions.

Setting sail

With the champagne no longer flowing and the celebrations winding down, the time has come to seriously consider Auckland’s prospects as the host city of the next America’s Cup. What needs to be done to its design to ensure the CBD is an exciting, innovative space for visitors to flock to from the world over? We reached out to several architecture and design firms to see if they had any ideas up their sleeve.

Staying hydrated

You may have seen the latest beauty craze of people slathering their teeth in activated charcoal to whiten them, but the usefulness of the thick, black substance extends beyond beauty trends. Wellington-based Refil has designed a charcoal drink bottle filter that can be used to remove chlorine and lead from tap water, promoting the refilling of bottles and less waste going to the landfill.