Damien Venuto

Staying indoors

Xero’s global director of media, Patrick MacFie, describes content as “a ravenous beast” more than capable of chewing you up and spitting you out.

Bye for now

As Lightbox chief executive Kym Niblock prepares to bid farewell to the SVOD industry, we sit down with her for a long chat about her stint at the centre of one of the fastest changing industries in New Zealand.


The 2016 round of the New Zealand Innovation Awards is open for entries so if you've got an amazing product, service or venture—or you know someone with a great idea who needs to be shoulder-tapped—now's the time to tell your story. And to get you thinking about entering—and to do as we always do and celebrate innovation of all stripes—we'll be showing our jealousy and regularly showcasing the best and/or wackiest ideas we come across. Next up, some of the more interesting ideas that could fit into the marketing and communications category.

Good feedback

Only 100 days after launching a major new product, you’d expect its creators to still be in celebratory mood, sipping on the leftover bottles of champagne that slipped by unopened during the launch party. But this was not the case when it came to Facebook’s Canvas. We chat to Canvas product manager Zack Hendlin about tweaking the platform whenever it's necessary.