Andy Kenworthy

The birth of Pushpay

Techweek 2017

The birth of Pushpay

Pushpay was the big winner at the 2017 Hi-Tech Awards. To mark the occasion, we're republishing this story about where the company came from.

Knowing your 'why' can help you with the 'how' (not to mention the 'ka-ching!'). Andy Kenworthy talks to a collection of business leaders who keep their purpose in focus at all times.

To understand what made high-flying Rob Fyfe jump on board with Icebreaker is to understand what the brand has been quietly gearing itself up to become: a world-class player on par with the likes of the North Face and Marmot, aiming for a billion-dollar turnover within the next 10 years.

Few industries are so instrumental in shaping our national identity, and few can compel the government to create new employment laws on the hoof. But is the film industry all it's cracked up to be – or is it just cracked?

Making any startup work is a terrifying balancing act: trying to get investment for your ideas without losing control of them, while constantly risking your financial neck. But that wasn't the case for 3D-visualisation company Nextspace when it was first created back in 2007. It was born as a not-for-profit with a taxpayer-funded silver spoon in its mouth. Now it seems reality is sinking in.