May-July 2016

Issue #62, May-July 2016

The Technology Issue


Idealog's Guide to Dunedin

Due to a combination of good luck and good planning, Dunedin’s economy is starting to grow—and diversify—after many years in the doldrums. Caitlin Salter looks at the city’s economic prospects ...

Aviation innovation

Innovators are often guilty of searching for solutions before identifying problems; of finding gaps in the market, without being sure if there’s a market in the gap. But, as Ben ...


Silicon Valley renaissance man Gary Bolles on what we can learn from the Valley’s acceptance of failure as a necessary part of eventual success.

The Idea Log

Hi, I’m the Idea Log, Idealog's spirit 'animal'. Did you know wood products are New Zealand’s third biggest export earner? You did? Well, given your surprising knowledge of our industry ...