January - February 2015

Issue #55, January - February 2015

Chocolate milk madness: was it all planned or a happy accident?; dolleroes from algae (no, really) and NZ’s rockstar economy (yeah, right). Our first ever pink issue looks behind the Lewis Road Creamery frenzy, checks out the economic prognosis for 2015, and shows how escaping two civil wars taught an Auckland tech entrepreneur heaps about risk. Plus: Brand Aid; Nelson’s algae boom; and tips for a healthy workplace (including the benefits of doing nothing). Oh, and there’s an annoying talking trash can.



Grimy worms upcycling organic waste into fertiliser seems to be the way of the future – at least it won the hearts (and pockets) of venture capitalists at a recent ...

The advent of summer means breaking out the eskie and packing cold beer for the beach. Maybe that’s why food companies are incorporating beer into all sorts of unexpected things. ...