November - December 2014

Issue #54, November - December 2014

NZ's best innovators and design heroes, and why Piketty matters. This issue we celebrate 2014's most exciting innovation and design, investigate why French economist Thomas Piketty's views on inequality matter for New Zealand businesses, and explore four paths to successful exporting. Plus dogs, drones and Utopia.



To celebrate it being a gold pin winner at the Best Awards 2016 last Friday in the Non-Consumer category, Idealog is republishing this story from November 2014 on Enztec.


After recent reports that Australian supermarkets were taking Kiwi products off their shelves, NZTE Australia and Pacific regional director Michelle Templer says there’s a perception New Zealand products are less ...


It seems you can’t walk through an airport bookshop these days without having your eyeballs assaulted by shelf after shelf of books promising all manner of personal and business success.


During her recent visit to New Zealand, Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington reinforced her “Sleep your way to the top” mantra. Her argument is that the best way to boost ...


Massey University students Fraser Callaway and Oliver Ward found design graduates were battling the transition to employment. They responded by creating a cunning and colourful platform, connecting students to studios.