July-August 2011

Issue #34, July-August 2011

New look, new sections, new website: it's the all new Idealog. From Sam Morgan's south American dairy venture to the Kiwi at the centre of solar technology that could reshape the world economy, plus our six back-section departments (Venture, Tech, Brand, Strategy, Sustain and Design) give you plenty to get your teeth into.



Could a fully recyclable performing vessel be engineered almost entirely out of reclaimed plastic bottles, cross the Pacific while demonstrating real world solutions?


Aucklander Maria Ines Manchego is a photographer, cinematographer and director living in hipster ground zero—Brooklyn, New York’s Williamsburg. The quietly-spoken Chilean–New Zealander recently shot her first feature with Kiwi director ...


Tangleball is the latest addition to the growing global trend of DIY makerspaces, born of a desire to get offline and create tangible objects in a community-oriented way.

Data Visualisation

Somewhere along the way, banks decided they'd rather lend to homeowners than business.