June-July 2009

Issue #21, June-July 2009

Living your brand with Michael Campbell, Phil Keoghan and Wellington’s Cuban connection: Idealog #21, on sale from Monday, May 4 at good stores everywhere.


The Grill

Author Cory Doctorow is a merciless critic of the mega-corporations that seek to control creative content—and he’s happy to give his own work away for free


If you too wondered about Neil Finn’s pie preferences, wonder no more—B>side has the scoop

Who would have thought that infrastructure was the most interesting part of the Internet? Welcome to cloud computing, where big pipes and big iron create a second—no, third—generation of Internet ...

Of all the differences between people, one factor has a greater bearing on income than any other: intelligence. And IQ scores show that each generation is getting smarter. Jamie Cullinane ...