June-July 2009

Issue #21, June-July 2009

Living your brand with Michael Campbell, Phil Keoghan and Wellington’s Cuban connection: Idealog #21, on sale from Monday, May 4 at good stores everywhere.


Some people will go a long way for a decent coffee. The quest has taken Geoff Marsland and Tim Rose around the world, mingling with Cuban spies, tagged as terrorists and welcomed by Havana’s Communist elite. Lauren Bartlett meets the proprietors of Wellington’s Havana Coffee Works

The Grill

Author Cory Doctorow is a merciless critic of the mega-corporations that seek to control creative content—and he’s happy to give his own work away for free


If you too wondered about Neil Finn’s pie preferences, wonder no more—B>side has the scoop

Who would have thought that infrastructure was the most interesting part of the Internet? Welcome to cloud computing, where big pipes and big iron create a second—no, third—generation of Internet entrepreneurs. Matt Cooney asks: could New Zealand become the Land of the Long Net Cloud? Plus cloud concepts and Me 2.0

The future of P.R. | Everyone, even a computer, can produce a press release. So what’s the role now for a PR professional in cutting through the noise of fragmented media and marketing hype?

Of all the differences between people, one factor has a greater bearing on income than any other: intelligence. And IQ scores show that each generation is getting smarter. Jamie Cullinane examines the rise of the smartocracy