September-October 2008

Issue #17, September-October 2008

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Parting Shot

Twenty-five years ago, royal glamour arrived in Godzone and Rob Muldoon strapped on his war medals

Giles Baker and Vanessa Kettelwell never planned a sustainable makeover, but when a U.S. customer demanded eco-friendlier chocolate they found a whole new market

South Koreans are reinventing Seoul, inspired by the world’s most liveable cities, and even the US Army is getting out of their way. Graham Reid asks why Koreans can unite to build the ‘lifestyle capital of the East’ when New Zealanders struggle to build a football stadium


The next industrial revolution: the shift from the usual process of 'takes, makes and wastes' to one that restores ecological, social and cultural systems

Four Canterbury University students take their masterplan to solve our traffic woes to Paris, competing against 60 other countries for Microsoft’s Imagine Cup—and cure a writer’s cynicism along the way. By Gena Tuffery


Understanding the environmental performance of a building should be as easy as understanding the performance of your vehicle via its Warrant of Fitness


As more and more companies recognise the necessity of implementing an environmental strategy that suits their business, they quickly grasp there are two opportunities

He’s done with humans. He’s done with pine trees. Now Jim Watson, one of New Zealand’s leading biotech entrepreneurs, is trying to hook the big kahuna: an alternative to fossil fuels